St. Theresa's KofC Council 11877

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From: Alfred R Anci <[email protected]>
Date: April 26, 2015 at 3:58:16 PM EDT
Subject: RSVP


Worthy Grand Knight 11877          

Financial Secretary

I have received your copy of the RSVP report sent to Supreme. On behalf of the State Deputy and the Director of Charities I would like to thank your council for their generous donations to the Seminarian Program.

Many people are surprised when they hear that seminary formation require an equivalent number of years (7-9 years) to some doctoral programs. Prior to even beginning theology, seminarians spend anywhere from two to four years (depending on a previous degree) studying philosophy at a college seminary. Three other equally important aspects must also be solidified: spiritual, human and pastoral. The current seminary program aims at shaping men in each dimension in order to respond to our diverse and ever changing culture.

We as Knights know that the challenges of the modern world that a Parish Priest enters are great. We recognize that the training and preparation provided by our seminaries are more critical today than ever. The Vocations Fund and the RSVP program provide the eight dioceses that encompass the Florida Jurisdiction with more resources to guide and educate young men for the tasks that lie ahead of them.

We commend you council for its active participation in the RSVP program, you make this happen!


In Solidarity with our Priests and Bishops

A. R. Dick Anci

State Chairman RSVP


[email protected] 727-372-6775

In our picture below, we have presented our financial donation of $500.00 to Mr. & Mrs Alex Padilla, Sr. for their Son who is presently in Rome Studying...In the picture from left to right is.....Financial Secretary:  Tom Helmstetter...Grand Knight Frank Merlo...Mr. & Mrs. Alec Padilla, Sr. and Deputy Grand Knight...Vincent Susinno.


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